Happy Easter! :)))


Chocolate cake with sour cherry and rum


<3 <3 <3

Today's offer (from the 15th of June 2015.) Citrus yoghurt "tunnel" :D

Today's offer (03.06.2015.) Strawberry Sacher cake

 Happy Easter! :)


Happy New Year!! J






Weekend menu (14-15th of June):

  • Cold yoghurt soup with herbs Azerbaijani style    850.-HUF
  • BBQ turkey breast with mixed salad                  2.500.-HUF
  • Strawberry mousse in chocolate basket              900.-HUF













Daily menu for 11th of June:

  • Cold apple soup                                                    800.-HUF
  • Honey-mustard chicken breast with mixed salad  2.500.-HUF
  • Rice-pudding with fruits                                         850.-HUF