Cream of Eggplant 1 500 Ft
Tuna Cream 1 700 Ft
Ratatouille with Goat Cheee 2 300 Ft
Chili Shrimps 3 500 Ft
Beefsteak Tatar (100 g ) 3 200 Ft
Garlic Duck Liver 3 500 Ft
Traditional Hunngarian Platter (Mangalica Sausage, Mashed Greaves, Cold Duck Liver) 3 800 Ft
Waldorf Salad 1 600 Ft
Caesar Salad with Roast Chicken 2 500 Ft
Caesar Salad with Shrimps 4 800 Ft
Pomegranate Sweet Potato Salad with Orange Dressing and Toasted Almond 2 600 Ft
Garlic Yoghurt Beetroot Salad with Bulgur 1 200 Ft
Mixed Fresh Lettuce Leaves 1 400 Ft
Chicken soup with semolina noodles 1 200 Ft
Turkey Soup with Tarragon 1 300 Ft
Main Dish  
Fried Chicken Breast with Tomato, Mozzarella and Serrano Ham, Garnished with Spinach Pappardelle 3 600 Ft
Chicken Breast in Cheese Crumbs with Fresh Salad and Yoghurt 3 100 Ft
Chicken Breast Filled with Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeno Rolled in Bacon, Garnished with Potatoes and Homemade Red Cabbage Salad 3 600 Ft
Duck Breast Pékné Style   5 500 Ft
Club Sandwich 2 500 Ft
Mustard Turkey Breast Stuffed with Ham and Cheese in a Dough Suit with Mashed Potatoes 3 100 Ft
Grilled Pike-perch with Cheesy Millet Cake with Dill and Parsley Sauce 4 200 Ft
Grilled Salmon with Spinach Risotto 6 000 Ft
Creamy Spinach Pappardelle 1 800 Ft
Egg Noodles 1 800 Ft
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Chili 2 400 Ft
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Chili and Shrimps 5 000 Ft
Gnocchi with Tomato Ragout and Mozzarella Cheese  with Chicken Bits 2 900 Ft
Gnocchi with Tomato Ragout and Mozzarella Cheese 2 400 Ft
Lime Risotto with Shrimp Skewer 3 500 Ft
Roast Pork Tenderloin with Creamy Polenta and Quince Sauce 3 600 Ft
Wiener Schnitzel with Parsley Potatoes 4 900 Ft
New Zealander Leg of Lamb with Ewe-cheese Polenta and Wild Mushroom Ragout 5 100 Ft
Veal Stew with Egg Noodles 3 900 Ft
Steak ( 200 g ) with Grilled Vegetables and Spicy Cheese 7 800 Ft
Beefsteak ( 200 g ) with French Fries and Green Pepper Sauce 7 400 Ft
Cucumber Salad 950 Ft
Beetroot Salad 950 Ft
Home-made Red Cabbage Salad 800 Ft
Children's Corner  
Noodles with Chicken Broth 900 Ft
Breaded Chicken Breast with Fried Potatoes 1 800 Ft
Breaded Fish Fingers with Rice 2 200 Ft
Crépe ( with Nutella Cream or Apricot Jam) 800 Ft
Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream 1 650 Ft
Cottage Cheese Dumplings Granny Style 1 450 Ft
Poppy Cheese Cake with Plum Chuttney 1 800 Ft



 We prepare our dishes on the spot therefore we kindly ask for your patience during busy times.

Concerning the following allergens in our dishes, you may receive information from your waiter.
Grain containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oat) · Crustaceans · Eggs · Fish · Peanuts · Soy · Milk and dairy products · Tree nuts
(almond, hazelnut, walnut, cashew, pecan, brazil nut, pistacchio, macadamia nut) · Celery · Mustard · Sesame seeds · Sulphur-dioxide
and sulfites · Lupin · Molluscs
Half portion meals are charged at 70% of the full price.
We would like to inform you that the change of your side dish may result in higher prices.
Gratuity is not included in the prices.